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How to buy a CitroŽn 2CV in the USA ?
There is a very simple solution : have it delivered to your door , directly from France , driven by it's actual owner, with all papers and title ready for a US registration in your name.
Look at it, inspect it carefully on all sides, check the chassis, the engine, the exhaust and hydraulic lines, the heating system, the wipers... Are the seats comfortable ? Are all lights working ? Are all keys properly locking ? Rock the 2CV to test the suspension... Remove the floor mats to inspect the floor pans... Feel free to have a look at everything you wish... then drive it.
Is it exactly the 2CV you were expecting ?
Yes ? Ok, buy it, it's yours.
No ? (that is quite impossible...) no problem, it will go to somebody else.

Who could propose you such a service ?
Well, here again the answer is simple : me !
Let me introduce myself briefly. I am Sylvain, I live in Toulouse, south of France, and I have been interested in the 2CV since I had my first one. I was eigtheen years old. I have never owned any other kind of car than 2CV's since... and I am more than thirty years old now !
I worked for many years in the software industry, and also, from time to time, as freelance journalist.
I published short articles in different magazines, from Playboy to Scientific American but those which are my best are my articles about the 2CV.
A few years ago, during the summer of 1992, a friend and I came to the USA with a vintage 2CV. It was a blue 1962 model (6 volts, 18 hp 425 CC engine).
Driving the 2CV on the highways through those incredible western landscapes was really an experience.
I sold the 2CV at the end of the trip and swore to go back with a better 2CV.

Now, here it is : I have resigned from my job to create a 2CV business with modern CitroŽn 2CV professionaly refurbished to your needs in the garage GILLES.

2CVs and derivatives to your door
Other CitroŽn, or Peugeot, Renault... by agreement only.
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live cam
Live from Southern France, Toulouse, Place du Capitole
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Do you have a menu column on the right ? If No, jump to www.frenchcars.fr.st

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