Delivery in the USA
& in Canada

USA/Canada map with ports of entry
Available entry ports

Delivery time from Toulouse.
Port State Weeks
Halifax Canada 3
Newark (New-York) NY 3
Baltimore MD 3
Portsmouth VA 3
Charleston SC 5-6
Brunswick GA 5-6
Jacksonville FL 5-6
Galveston (Houston) TX 5-6
Port Hueneme (Los Angeles) CA 6-8
Tacoma WA 6-8

2CVs are sended from France to the USA firstly either by Auto-Train or Highway to the European shipping port.

2CV and Auto-Train
A 2CV waiting to be taken into the special Auto-Train

The shipping company is specialized with luxury cars. This is costly but safe.

a 2CV ready to be shipped
A 2CV in the storage parking of the shipping company with brand new Audi, BMW, Mercedes and so on.

For the last part of the transportation (port to your door) you have the choice among three solutions :

  1. Pay myself to come pick-up the 2CV then drive it to your door.
    Expensive solution... and I cannot do that for each 2CV as I do not have developed bilocation ability yet. I might be interested, and then be willing to negociate the price of this service, during summer time, especially if you live in an area I've not visited yet.
  2. Go yourself pick-up the 2CV at the docks. We provide all paperwork to make this step a piece of cake.
    The cheapest solution, but a little bit time consuming.
  3. Use a car transportation trucking company. Less expensive than paying myself, more expensive than going by yourself but you just have to wait for your 2CV to be unloaded in front of your door.
    There are many car transportations companies you can choose from. You will find below the rates for a
    transportation in enclosed trailer by John Van Dam Trucking, Fargo
    transportation in enclosed trailer by John Van Dam Trucking.
    We recommend this company for safe long distance "vertical" transportation.

Zones and rates for car transportation by enclosed trailer USA map with zones for transportation rates
Rates below are indicative only
From / To 1 2 3 4 5
1 $700 $900 $1100 $1300 $1600
2 $900 $700 $900 $1100 $1300
3 $1100 $900 $700 $900 $1100
4 $1300 $1100 $900 $700 $900
5 $1600 $1300 $1100 $900 $700

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