Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the price range and availability of the Classic sedan 2CV ?
    Click on 2CV : prices & availibility on the right column.
    Shortcut : click on modern Citroën 2CV at the end of the home page.
  2. Does your prices include all the fees/taxes to transfer ownership here in the US ?
    Yes, it is a delivery at your door, you will buy the 2CV as any other US registered car.
    You will have nothing to pay in addition except for what you have to pay when you buy any other car (your insurance and your plates for example).
  3. Navigating through the numerous pages of your site, although interesting, is a bit tiresome. Any idea of improvement ?
    You may have entered the site from a leaf, not from the root. This happens when a search engine gives you access directly to the page meeting your request. The site is designed so that you can access all pages from any page but of course the best way to tour it is to enter from the homepage which displays the menu of the site :
    Detour :
  4. Can I really have any model of modern 2CV ?
    Yes. Click on The secret overseas source then visit the Gallery of all modern 2CVs and choose which model you would like, I will find it for you.
    Shortcut : click on France at the very beginning of the home page.
  5. How can I be sure I will not be a victim of shoddy workmanship ?
    • Click on The garage GILLES on the right column.
      Shortcut : click on garage GILLES at the end of the home page.
    • Visit the refurbishing pages of a Charleston 2CV6 to make up your mind : Click on 2CV refurbishing on the right column, then visit the different episodes of the refurbishing.
      Shortcut : click on refurbished at the end of the home page.
  6. Seems too nice to be true... How can I trust you ?
    Click on ... satisfied of a specialist to see what is my level of knowledge about the car and for how many years I am involved in the 2CV world.
    Shortcut : click on my best are my articles about the 2CV by the end of the homepage.
  7. How much is required for deposit ?
    A deposit will show to me your seriousness, sincerity and commitment to purchase. It will qualify you as a serious client committed to buying.
    The deposit will be about 40% of the price of the 2CV, more if you ordered options, which have to be paid before to be conducted.
  8. There are some GB "righties" 2CV in the US. Are your 2CV Left Hand Drive or Right Hand Drive ?
    They are Left Hand Drive as they come from France.
  9. How do you guarantee the legality of your 2CVs when attempting to license them in the USA ?
    My 2CVs are not new cars but are second hand cars with new components. Although 100% of the parts could be replaced for new ones, thus producing a new 2CV, they are still not considered new but only rebuilded with modern components from 2CV legally licensable in the USA. All papers, stamps, plates and proof of ownership are showing it clearly enough to avoid any problem when I claim the 2CV from the customs and go with my client to the Car registery office.
  10. I realise that your sales do not focus on 2CV derivatives, however, would you be willing to sell a delightfully ugly AMI to a US customer if one is available ?
    You are right, my sales do not focus on 2CV derivatives. However, I can sell an AMI to a US customer if one is available : it is quite like a 2CV and the export rules are the same as it is the same chassis and engine as a 2CV.
  11. Is a Charleston (or a France3) just a paint color-scheme that can be applied to any 2CV or is it the car that would be considered Deluxe ?
    Charleston and France 3 are both 2CV6, either Club or Spécial version, each painted with its own color scheme.
    They are quite not Deluxe. I say "quite" because can we really consider an interior light, a fabric top opening from the inside instead of from the outside and front separated seats instead of the bench type as making the difference between Normal and Deluxe ?
    Mainly when you know that the plug for the light is always there on the electrical wiring or build-in bolts are always there too for screwing the little device needed to open the top from the inside instead of from the outside or that you can swap a bench type seat with separated seats ?
    Just buy the small light, the small top device and the separated seats, plug the light to its connector, screw the top device inside the body, slide the seats in position and, voila!, here you are, your Normal 2CV is a Deluxe !?
    Anyway, I allways add at least an interior light and a fabric top opening from the inside, just because it is more handy.
  12. Do you put a French F sticker on the car ?
    Yes, it is something I must do regarding the US Custom rules (althought if I did not I suppose no policeman would put me in jail or even would notice the sticker is missing...).

You browsed the site but still did not find the information you need ?
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