Never Asked Questions

  1. Can a Charleston be painted like a France3 ?
    Why not...
  2. Do I need to have one oar out of the water to buy a 2CV from you ?
    No, you just need to have the money but people with one oar out of the water are welcome too.
  3. What if you keep my money but do not deliver any 2CV ?
    Call bounty hunter Joss Randall, toll free 800 MAC QUEEN
    As you may know, he is highly efficient and will bring you back not only your money but also my two ears.
  4. CitroŽn is a marque for the middle and proletarian classes, not the wealthy...
    CitroŽn is a marque, now, in Europe, for all classes but they do not produce the 2CV any more since 1991.
  5. I see ads regularly for 2cv6s in Netherlands for around $1-2K. I think I could just have a friend in those countries buy the car and put it on a boat for me. I know I could do some minor engine and body work : replacing bougies, setting the timing, rebuild the carburettor, sand fill and respray, etc... Could also get into replacing embrayage, freinage, engine rebuild, pull dents, straighten frames etc... Can you help ?
    Sure, just buy a Corvette and put it on a boat for me.
  6. This is the second email and I also have left you a voice mail on your telephone. Are you still involved in this business ???!
    Yes, more than ever, that is why I was not able to answer as quickly as you was expecting.
  7. The romance of the 2CV has always captivated me but I have actually never driven one ! There's a 2CV for sale in my area, but the guy who knows the seller won't even give me the name unless I pay him $75 : I can't see doing that just to see if I even like them ! Any other suggestions ?
    I can't see what kind of suggestion would suit if you can't see spending a few $ to see if it is worth spending about a hundred time more.
  8. I'm french, and I'd like to make a trip across the usa with friends. Do you know where I can find information in order to make this dream come true ?
    ello, I ame frentch tu. U should go too ani travelle adjency, bye a tiket thene, wen in the USA, rhent a kar.
  9. I know the 2CV very well and have all the CitroŽn shop manuals. I would buy one, no more than it sells for in England, plus shipping and handling. I saw one last fall for $1300. I also could fly to France or England and buy one there. A flight from Dallas to Paris round trip is only $300...
    Just do it.
  10. Does it exist a 2CV model with room for Wife and three big children ?
    No, there is only one 2CV model regarding room for passengers : 4 seats, two in the front, two in the rear.
    If the passengers are big, they wil be uncomfortable despite the typical French joke : How to put four elephants in a 2CV ?
    Answer : two in the front, two in the rear.
    The follow-up of the story is : how one can see there are four elephants in a church ?
    Answer : there is the 2CV parked not far.

You did not browse the site but you are sure anyway I may not be able to give you the information you need ?
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