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We can locate here in France any 2CV or derivative.
Low mileage, good to very good shape.
All colors, all models
through our service of French ads publication and monitoring to locate the 2CV of your dreams.
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4 $ale
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Blue 2CV6 Spécial 1988Blue 2CV6 Spécial after refurbishing
Before & After refurbishing
 Blue 2CV6 Spécial 1989 
Nice & Sound, will last
No longer available

1985 Burgundy and Cream 2CV6 Dolly
1985 2CV6 Dolly
Burgundy & Cream
One owner, allways garaged.
No longer available

1989 Burgundy & Black 2cv6 Charleston 1989
2CV6 Charleston 1989
Burgundy & Black
Original, low miles
No longer available

1973 Orange 2CV4 Club
1973 Orange 2CV4 Club
Unbeatable price/quality rate
No longer available

1973 grey 2cv6 truckette 400
1973 Gray 2CV6 truckette
Max load : 400 Kg
130.000 Km, rustfree
No longer available
1990 yellow sand 2CV6 Spécial
 Yellow sand 2CV6 Spécial 1990 
less than 63.000 Km, Rare
No longer available

This export business was
by february 2004

After several years making a living from exporting 2CVs to the USA, the state was more "making a surviving" than a living. The fall of $ vs the Euro on beginning of 2004, increased bureaucratic regulations on cars in France combined with a rising opportunity to involve in a (i hope) more profitable business related to Internet inclined me to stop exporting 2CVs. With regrets : dealing with people having « one oar slightly out of the water » was a great fun. Being able to work on 2CVs doing everything needed to be done and knowing that it would be appreciated by the client was a great pleasure too. Needless to say that each message "DMV passed" was each time a deep source of thrill in addition. I will miss that kind of emotion...
A side effect of all those years was... to improve my US-english vocabulary. A detail, but I appreciate !
I might (will !) go back to 2CV export if (when !) my new business will run by itself and I'll have enough money, and time, to spend on refurbishing one of those little nice Voiture.
The website is frozen by march 2004. It is not removed because it contains a few information that could be usefull for US people looking to import a 2CV.
The mailing-list is not frozen : I will use it, although rarely, to send general information related to the 2CV when I'll find one which could be of interest in the USA.
The "Kicking the tires" Virtual Showroom service (see "Local ads in the US" below) is available too.
I'm still hanging around the 2CV world so if you need some advice or have a precise question about import, don't hesitate : you can ask me.

Definitively willing...
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...to import a 2CV ? Have a look to advices and links to US customs then call me.

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Cheap 2CVs & derivatives, Citroën or else...
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No longer available, too bad you missed them...
 White 2CV6 Spécial 1989 46.000 Km, one owner
 Blue 2CV6 Club 1974 
 Grey 2CV6 Charleston 1983Strong
 Red 2CV6 Spécial 1990 27.000 Km, Rare
Eggshell 2CV6 Spécial 1986 Less than 50.000 Km original
 White 2CV6 Spécial 1989 24.000 Km, very rare, one owner
 Blue 2CV6 Club 1974 72300 Km, one owner
 Eggshell 2CV6 Spécial 1990 60.000 Km, Excellent
 Red 2CV6 Spécial 1988 12000 Km, flawless

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