Gallery of all modern 2CVs
You will not find here vintage, truckette, Mehari, Sahara or derivatives such as AMI.
Exclusively modern classic sedan 2CV4 or 2CV6.

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Solid colors
Official decorations

Consolation prize for vintage 2CV lovers :
2CV 1955 Cut-out Kit

Most of the pictures in this site have been taken in the streets of Toulouse, south of France, (the supersonic plane Concorde was built there) during four afternoons of walking around the town. A few pictures were taken during international 2CV meetings.

2CV's have been pictured as is. The only consideration was to picture 2CV's with uniform light all along the body which is why I spent four afternoons to take the photos. All the work could have been done in just one day if I had pictured 2CV's with ugly shadows...

You may notice some damage on bodies, material tops, bumpers and so on.
The fact is 2CV's are, here in Europe, and mainly in France, extremely popular and definitively not collection cars.
I have noticed that people selling a 2CV that they claim to be a collection car are just trying to sell a very old (and often damaged...) 2CV which has got only one characteristic of a collection car : an outrageous collection price !
The crude reality is that 2CV's are cars just providing trustworthy and fun daily transportation to their owner. They are treated as simple tools, without any particular caution.

The aim of this site is not to show you mint 2CV's but real 2CV's.

The pictures are representative of what is available in France, thus are representative of what I may buy (or avoid to buy !) then refurbish to your needs.

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