The garage GILLES

Mécanique, tôlerie, peinture, réparations toutes marques, transport véhicules accidentés ou en panne, pare-brise, pneumatiques, vente de véhicules neufs ou occasion, vidange, échappement, freinage, embrayage, passage au marbre
garage GILLES sign
Bach - Route de Flaujac-Poujols - 46000 CAHORS
Tél.: 05 65 35 22 65 - Fax : 05 65 23 94 97
011 33 5 65 35 22 65 - 011 33 5 65 23 94 97


garage GILLES building
The building is big enough to allow working on
up to five cars inside without being crowded.

Any mechanical work can be conducted
from inflating a tyre to checking for structural damages.

oil unit
The garage is equiped with all recycling
devices to comply with pollution regulations.

painting room
A special room with climate control is dedicated to painting.

color palette
Any color can be reproduced to match exactly
any existing paint using that Max Meyer palette.

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