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La terre en rond La terre en rond
Jean Claude BAUDOT et Jacques SEGUELA

Jacques Séguéla and Jean-Claude Baudot left Paris on october the 9th 1958 with their 2CV. They came back on november the 12th 1959. They had driven 100.000 Km around the earth (among them, 16.400 km across America), crossing 8 deserts, 50 countries, sleeping outside 350 times for a total of 2.247 hours of driving.
Jacques SEGUELA is now a renowned french publicist. He worked for clients as famous as Citroën or r.i.p. french president François Miterrand.
In 1990, 30 years after his adventure, Jacques SEGUELA was kind enough to autograph this book to me with those words :
Avec toute ma complicité pour le frère de 2CV et toute ma tendresse pour le frère d'aventure, ce voyage qui fut l'université de ma vie

Jean Claude BAUDOT created a personnal museum of more than 600 slot machines and published two books :

La Citroën 2CV de mon père La CITROËN 2cv de mon père
Antoine DEMETZ

Antoine DEMETZ is a car journalist, chief writer of  2CV Magazine, a magazine dedicated exclusively to the 2CV and its derivatives.
His book will tell you the whole story of the 2CV from the beginning of the project in 1936 to that day of july the 27th 1990 when the last 2CV was produced.

La 2CV, 40 ans d'amour La 2CV
40 ans d'amour

Fabien SABATES is a car journalist, specialized in the Citroën family vehicles, editor of Planète 2CV, dedicated exclusively to the 2CV and its derivatives, and also editor of Citropolis, dedicated to all Citroën vehicles.
This luxurious (and wide : 24.5 x 31.5 cm !) book about the history of the 2CV is illustrated with a bunch of exquisite pictures.

Le guide de la 2CV Le guide de la 2CV
historique - évolution - identification - conduite - utilisation - entretien

Description of all the 2CV models, year per year and month per month, list of the Citroën color codes, official Citroën statistics, color portfolio, basic technical instructions...

La 2CV, nous nous sommes tant aimés La 2CV
Nous nous sommes tant aimés

Jacques WOLGENSINGER, after several years of journalism, entered Citroën to create a public relation service. As a consequence, and during more than 30 years, he lived all the life of the 2CV. He wrote several books, created a new sport, 2CV cross and organized several 2CV raids all around the world :

Paris-Kaboul-Paris 1970 Paris-Persépolis-Paris 1971 Raid Afrique 1973

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