Across America in a 2CV
Texas road

Travel Drivers(s) Year Version
New-York ð Los Angeles
Get Your Ribs on Route 66 !
Mike & Rick 2000 From New-York to Los Angeles following Route 66 - USA flag by
Houston ð Salt Lake City
Texas, New-Mexico, Utah...
Sylvain ROQUES
Bruno Pesce
1992 De Houston à Salt Lake City - France flag by
From Houston to Salt Lake City - USA flag by
New-York ð Boston
New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts...
Sylvain ROQUES 1998 De New-York à Boston - France flag by
Los Angeles ð Fresno
Sylvain ROQUES
Jack and Nancy
1998 De Los Angeles à Fresno - France flag by
Mexico ð New-York ð Los Angeles
L'Amérique des fifties
Jean-Claude Baudot
Jacques Séguéla
1958 (From Mexico to) New-York to Los Angeles - France flag by
USA 2005 Tour
L'Amérique du XXIéme siècle
Thomas Lecerf 2006 (From Mexico to) New-York to Los Angeles - France flag by
Montréal ð Vancouver
Québec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia
Henri Lenguin 1986 CANADA, De Montréal à Vancouver - France flag by
CANADA, From Montréal to Vancouver - USA flag by
MAROCCO desert
Nowhere ð Somewhere
Building a bike out of a crashed 2CV
This story have nothing to do at all with America but...
it's such an incredible adventure that I could not resist to add it here !
Emile Leray 1993 Bike of Africa _ France flag by

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