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Despite the 2CV production ceased, there is no cause for alarm about parts and maintenance.
CitroŽn, as any car manufacturer, is required by French law to maintain a parts inventory for ten years after they stopped producing any car.
The 2CV is in fact so popular that they obviously maintain it for more years than required. Also, many companies produce after-market parts, some of them even better than the original one they replace.

In the USA :

In Europe, english spoken :

French 2CV parts providers (websites only in french, unfortunately) :

They are mechanics aware about the 2CV and ready to work on it in most USA States.
But the main feature to remember about the 2CV and derivatives is that only basic maintenance (oil, grease, filters, sparklets, points...) is required if you start from a 2CV in good condition.  It's design is so simple and clever that any mechanic can maintain and fix it, even one who never saw a 2CV before, mainly if you provide him with the english manuals
Do not be alarmed if you hear a mechanic saying that CitroŽn cars are the worse and that you should stay away from them. He is clearly speaking about the DS model imported at the beginning of the 60's, which had tremendous problems with a highly sophisticated hydraulic system filled with a "special" liquid producing... internal corrosion of its components !
A CitroŽn 2CV have nothing to do with a DS, it is the most simple, economical, reliable and enjoyable car you will ever buy, mainly if you buy it from us. They are at least well known and experienced mechanics for CitroŽn cars in the following towns :

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