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Cheap 2CVs & derivatives...
Any CitroŽn...
Any French cars...
Any other cars...

Red 2CV 1965, SF bay, $4950 obo -- SOLD --
Red Renault R4 1964, SF area, $600 -- SOLD --
Gold MATRA SIMCA Bagheera 1974, SF area, $3000 -- SOLD --

We are dedicated to selling and delivering at the door mint 2CVs & derivatives, CitroŽn or French cars directly from France to the USA.

You've reached the right page if you :

That's why we have decided to host FREE ads offering :

  1. cheap (<$5000) 2CVs & derivatives for sale in the USA or Canada.
  2. Any other CitroŽn or French cars.
  3. Any other US cars.

Your ad will be uploaded as a personnal page with your pictures, not just a single line in a list.

The internet address of your ad will be : http://virtual.visit.free.fr/registration_tag_of_your_car

Ads run until sold for FREE !
However, if your car sells thanks to the ad we host for you, we ask (and trust) you to send us (after the sale) $10 per full $1000 above $5000 as shown below.

You sell your car for... The "trust" fee, after the sale, is :
< $5000 free
$5000 to $5999.99 $10
$6000 to $6999.99 $20
$7000 to $7999.99 $30
$8000 to $8999.99 $40
$[n]000 to $[n]999.99 $[n-4]0

What if you sell thanks to us and don't pay ? Well, you'll have to face the fact that you're an ass**** son of a b**** for the rest of your life (isn't it horrible ?!).

You can submit your ad (text + pictures) by e-mail. Just ask.
(If you do not have a scanner, you can send pictures by airmail and we will scan them free of charge, but we keep them...)

Want to market your car in a
more active and efficient way?

Let us build you a "Kicking the tires" Virtual Showroom

A "Kicking the tires" Virtual Showroom ? What's that ?

A demonstration is worth ten thousands words :

newspapers with ads
For sale, Delorean 1983, $17.000
John 999-999-9999, NY. Go kicking the tires at http://virtual.visit.free.fr/4TNM886

For sale, BMW M1 1980, british racing green with white stripes, serie I, covered headlights, nice wire wheels, competition bumpers, perfect chrome, original cinnamon interior in good shape with matching seat belts, a real head-turner beauty, drive or show anywhere. Jack, PH: 888-888-8888, FL

Adding that Virtual Showroom address along with any contact info in all the ads you will publish, either on the internet (Ebay, forums etc...) or on magazines (Hemming Motor News, Old Car Trader, local newspapers etc...) will allow all potential clients to tour your car 24h a day, 7 days a week without boring you.

Building a Virtual Showroom being a little bit time consuming, this service is NOT free :
there's a single 1% fee with a minimum of 400Ä (yes, EUROS)
reduced to a $100 flatfee for a 2CV or derivative
and a $200 flatfee for any other CitroŽn.

You're interested with a Virtual Showroom or have questions ? email us for details.

email 2cv

We cannot assume any liability for the items offered and can only give the following advice : Buyers, beware...
2CV buyers can find Buyers, beware... detailed instructions about buying a 2CV on the page
2CV buyers, beware !

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