Mike, Martinez, CA

Mike and his 2CV on the Pacific coast, end of Route 66.

Although I live in California I decided to take possession of my 2cv in Newark, New Jersey in order to test the reliability of the car as well as travel the full width of the country.
The trip consisted of driving from Newark to Chicago then following Route 66 to California.
Sylvain's preparation of the car was flawless as was his completion of all the necessary paperwork. I spent no more than five minutes at the shipping company and approximately twenty minutes at the docks completing the forms and I was on my way.
My friend, Rick, and I headed west and experienced two days of heavy rainfall before we hit Chicago. The car handled beautifully in the rain and was unaffected by the turbulence caused by all the big rigs which passed us, and on many occasions, we passed them.
The car ran at a steady 110 km (68 mph) for hours on end and at 120 km (74 mph) when passing other vehicles.
The total trip was 6220 km (3856 miles) in 13 days.
We did lots of sightseeing and eating on the "Mother Road."
Traveling in New Mexico at the elevation of 7335 feet was not a problem for the 2cv. On long uphill runs the car still maintained approximately 100 km (62 mph) and was unaffected by the altitude. Most amazingly was that the engine did not burn ANY oil in the more than 3800 miles!
It is obvious that Sylvain searches for the near perfect car to sell to his customers. His attention to detail and his effort in refurbishing the car is of the very highest quality.
I think I got a perfect car. Thanks, Sylvain

Mike, Martinez, CA

My name is Rick. I just spent 10 days on the road with Mike. He purchased a Citroen 2CV from you. Well, we picked up the car in Newark, NJ and it couldn't have been easier. It took just a few minutes to pay the fee and to pick up the car.
We drove to Chicago and then drove on Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles.
The trip was wonderful and I was very impressed with the car. It ran like a sewing machine. Just put your foot in it and it goes. Never ever a problem.
You have done a magnificent job in getting it ready for US roads and requirements. I commend you on your set-up.
I thought I might pass along my thoughts and here they are.
By the way, there were a lot of Germans driving on Route 66. And one French woman. Give it a try.



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