Jonathan , Hillsborough, CA

Jonathan's 2CV, beside a Bricklin SV, Hillsborough, CA
Picture courtesy of Jonathan

I am very pleased to report that I have a beautiful white 2CV in my driveway at home. I hope to spend some time this weekend to look it over and drive it a bit (it arrived monday night and I won't have an opportunity to play with it until Saturday). I will give you a full update at that time.
I drove the car more than 400 km(!) this week because my daily car was in the shop. I really enjoy the car and it gets almost as many comments and looks as my Messerschmitts & Isetta but is much safer for highway use. The highway I take to work has a 65 mile per hour (110 km) speed limit and the 2CV was able to maintain that speed without problem when it wasn't going up hill.
Thank you again for a wonderful car and for your excellent service. I am eager to recommend you to anyone who wants a 2CV stateside. Please feel free to use me as a reference when a prospective buyer has any concerns.
You must also let me know if you have any plans to be in the area on your next holiday.
Very truly yours,

Jonathan, Hillsborough, CA


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