David, Lisa & the kids, Port Washington, NY

David's and family blue 2CV6 We have got the car.
It is great.
It looks like you have done a wonderful Job.
It was a bit of an adventure picking up from the docks. The weather was an absurd 95 Fahrenheit. My Car was snuggled between a Ferrari with engines that took up 80% of the Car and a Jag. The customs guy was most surprised by the comparison. We both tore our trousers getting in. He was not amused. The Battery was dead, and the inside of the car was a Sauna. I suspect that they had left the lights on or something. (Note from frenchcars.fr.st : despite the alarm beeper "lights on contact off" we allways add to avoid this as far as possible !)
I had to navigate the car out of it's spot, sweat pouring into my eyes, and trying to maintain my dignity whilst clumsily navigating my way round the gear stick.
The USA Dept of Motor Vehicles were very unhelpful, so eventually I just drove the car with it's French plates. Lisa will sort out the final paperwork tomorrow. The customs went smoothly.
Now I had to drive in Blistering heat up to the George Washington Bridge, with many motorists honking in excitement with broad grins and with big thumbs up signs. Passing over the bridge I had some teething problems with the roof and stopped to make adjustments. Within seconds a Tow Truck is there trolling for business. The hyena's - they see a car as small as this and are convinced there must be a problem.
The traffic became apalling, but my car held up (may be better than I did), I was concerned about over heating and being marooned- but did not need to worry. I was quite comfortable in my open top.
Eventually made it home much to every one,s delight. So here we are. (see picture, that's not our flag in the background)
Does the car need water? Appears it is self cooling?
All our friends love it, the coolest car in town. You have done an extraordinary job in renovating and in the logistics. Maybe we can get you some more business!
We will send more pictures as the car settles in to its new home.
Best Regards

David & Lisa, Port Washington, NY


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