Thumbs "up" from competitors

My experences with him he seems to be far from civil. Downright rude and arrogant in my experences with him. I don't think he is doing the French nor 2CVs any good.

Competitor P.

Don't confuse CitroŽn newcomers with old hands. I've been involved with more Citroens than others even imagine. Why source one from overseas, don't deal with someone you don't know.
Competitor A.

Thank you for your typical french answer. A reason why your country remains sluggish in high speed global world, very closed off & overly protective, which is strange considering you have many shared borders and are in the heart of europe. Excuse me but your business cannot be too complicated (you peruse ads to find cars for people) and i was not asking how you do it so that i can replicate what you do to steal your meager profits.
Competitor D.


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