The hard way
about 2CV chassis

Here is the typical kind of US 2CV with a chassis trap (noticed on a forum) :

Subject: 2CV for Sale!
From: ******* ********* <**********@*****.***>
Date: *************************
Hello, I have a 2cv 1985 that I would like to sell.
*Odometer: 80,000km
*Rust: None
*Daily Driver
*New Exhaust
*New kingpins
*A few small dents on doors
*Car is originally from Holland
*Antirust treatment
*Seats in very good condition
*Great car
*Possibility to deliver from South Carolina
*Price: 6500$ OBO

Why can I tell you there is a trap ?
Well, if there was a rust treatment as written, there should be no rust, so no need to say there is none.
The OBO also indicates the owner is on hurry to sell but he does not indicates why.
For those very simple reasons, beware...

The reasons to be carefull was increased a few weeks after, when the following ad was posted for the same 2CV by the same personn but on a different forum :

2cv for sale in South Carolina
Posted by ******* ********* <**********@*****.***>
on ***********************
I have a great 2cv6 that I am willing to sell
new exhaust
new shock absorbers
chrome bumper
a little rust but nothing serious
Price: 5000$ OBO

Obviously, the 2CV was not selling because rust was visible and so it was necessary not to hide the fact any more and drop the price.

The diagnostic of chassis trap was unfortunately confirmed later when, in the first forum, came the following message :

Subject: My chassis is bent!!!
From: ******* ********* <**********@*****.***>
Date: *************************
Hello everybody
I am writing with very bad news. Just as I was pushing the car up and down to get all the oil out of the engine in an oilchange, I noticed a frightening sound, looked under, and the chassis was bent just rear of the front axle.
Now this explains why I have an exhaust that always leaks, wheels that are always out of alignment, misfitting body panels, etc...
If anybody has a galvanized chassis or knows where to get one please inform me. Advice on chassis-changing would also be helpful.
I always secretly wanted to change that darn rusted chassis anyway!! Thanks for any help anybody can provide me.

There was several messages for help from the forum :

Everything seemed to start well with the following message :

Subject: Thank you for support.
From: ******* ********* <**********@*****.***>
Date: *************************
Thanks to all who have given me support.
The old chassis is already stripped of body, engine, etc... except for the two axles which need a bit of courage to get off. Will keep all of you informed. I am taking pictures to put on a web site further on.

But one day came this message :
Subject: Chassis for sale
From: ******* ********* <**********@*****.***>
Date: *************************
Anybody interested in a brand new 2cv front disc brakes galvanized chassis with instructions and fitting kit. ?
Contact me ******* ********* <**********@*****.***>

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